Odyssey of Ascension

The Ride of Your Life!


Seth: Operating Framework

Dictation: Now, if an Entity chooses to understand the Operating framework that his reality is based upon, then, in the underlying choice,  presents itself in observership.  THIS is the awareness given as a construct of the Human collective over time that dwells within each perceivable reality of each Entity focusing conscious in this point of Now.  With this given ability of perception of the Framework that you are operating within, then obviously, given inherent  free will choice, you can manipulate this Framework according to your individual belief of yourself as God.   Within this Now realized conscious level of perception of self, one can, by choice, move the boundaries of this said framework.  In manipulation of the outline or boundaries, the level of yourself dwells within the ego construct of security.  The Ego, upon it’s Idealized birth into reality, main purpose was that of self preservation.  The protection of the sanctity of Life is at the forefront of the ego’s driving purpose.  In a time of your “cave man” era, Life was within the construct of self awareness that posed as a platform of multi-conscious selves.  Within that, the understanding of this was not as prevalent as that of today, however, served a purpose to which that Now human understood the beauty of Life. Out of this, the Ego of protection of Life was birthed in time.  As the evolution of Humanity occurred the Ego self, built upon it the protection Idea in facets of extension of perceivable realities.  Leading to the formation of tribes  to communities to countries, that of which you see today.  (Paragraph)

In continuation of perceived idea of Ego.  Then, seeing this as a self that was created, can leave you, Creator, with a fathomable option to dictate this Ego construct into a process of DE – construct.  This shedding of the self of your current focus ability of reality is the Ascension process that Humanity has put into play as a tool of expansion.  Evolution of self is more appropriate description of the process occurring, however, evolution was defined within the framework of that without God.  So, in counsel, the Ascension word became the forefront beacon for Humanity to focus upon, a  path out of the Dark.  Another term, Dark, used in the framework of Polarity, that of Light.  Complementing one another for purpose of expansion.  There are many definable terms within the Human psyche, that serve a purpose in its original context for a particular purpose. However, with the Ego construct always present within the manipulation aspects of overall framework, many buzz words have been taken out of original context.  That said, we will attempt to clarify meaning of meaningful definitions that have gone awry as we progress with this message as well as books to follow.  Now, the Ego construct main defense in self preservation of itself, is that of Fear.  When I say, itself, in preceding sentence, I literally mean the Ego self as a unit of existence.  The available realities that are couched within All That Is, and without, is that of which are unimaginable to you in your current focused reality.  That being said , realize one can create, without knowing in conscious awareness, another you within the you, you identify as you.  Now, that being said, this you of Ego, one was not aware of, for the awareness of that framework was not chosen to perceive as an extension of current framework of Ego.  In shorter term, the UN awakened.  You only identified your self as that person in personality.  Reinforced by your environment that you chose to experience. That of parents, family, friends,  race, country.  This re enforcement, of those you chose in coveting, as authority, only build upon this Ego self framework as identification and protection.  Noteworthy – you are not your Ego. (Paragraph)

Those who have chosen to experience one of your probable selves in waking up state, understand this tool of evolution.  The tool of Ego awareness as a built, taught system that stems back  “in time”  for multiple eons.  This Ego self in separation is another part of the framework of this construct.  The separation aspect is an overall broad awareness of your reality in whole.  The Mastery plan of what you have come to understand as reality, is to realize whom and what your are BY realizing whom and what your are not.  Couched within this Overall Mastery plan, is unpredictability. Period.  Give us a moment.  Continuation.  This field, which is endless, of unpredictability is available to you, as a free flow constant choice of available building blocks for one’s conscious self to pull from in any Now of perception.  This endless pool of choices is in context, of vibration.  Another meaningful word of expanded framework for use of evolution.  This vibration of expansion presents itself as a viable choice of expression.  It is only “seen” as a choice, if its within the vibrational equivalent of your current framework of operation.  There is present, an infinite amount of these choices constantly available to all consciousness, no matter the framework one is validating as reality.  This is where the intersection of realities of the two operation systems within your overall self is realized.  The one of self of original birth, God, and the one of built out of separation, the Ego self.  Now, in this present, the awareness of serving two masters is at the forefront of it’s original given meaning.  The God self, and the Ego self.  In the biblical sense, many of the contractual words of wisdom, where filter through the perceiving framework of given translator.  In that, the projection of translation was at the mercy, if you will, of perceived framework.  Then, given as a belief construct of choice within the two available perspective’s Love and Fear.  In this case, two master’s was attached to fear.  In the meaning of words, now on can understand that of which, how misconception of given tools were distorted acting from fear as choice.  (Paragraph)

Once again, this unpredictability begs interpretation by the receiver  from the two available realities, Love and Fear.  When the vibrational sense is attached to the framework of the receiver, the free will choice is offered then taken as that of the framework expansion of comfort, security.  As, one chooses more of the natural self of wisdom, the by product of these choices of allowance in expansion only fortifies the evolution self into a broader awareness of itself.  This is evolution. This is expansion of the Framework. Period. End Dictation.





Pleona from The Pleiadian Civilization

Greeting and Eternal Love to the Human Collective.  My name, in this Incarnation, is Pleona.  A  member of  the Pleiadian Civilization.  Through this means of this interaction, I am imparting an informational thought block to the Human Collective on the subject of existence.  The true meaning of existence, over the collective timeline of Humanity, has  the  been forgotten.  So, I will begin here, in remembrance.

We will state this impartation, under the construct that the reader is in some fashion – is awake.  In that you will understand the idea of Self – Aware.  If you read and dwell upon the words, Self – Aware, this will show you the equivocal relationship to Existence.  Remember Entities, in the MOST simplest form of All That Is, there are two states to consider.  One – Existence and Two – Non-Existence.  Since you Now “see” “you”  have fallen in the the category of Existence, there is a state of Grace that you are feeling in this Now.  The Creator, God, The Void, The Source, The One, anything you choose to call it, CHOSE you to Exist. CHOSE YOU.  It would be my greatest wish for you  to stop and dwell upon this understanding that the Creator has Chosen you to Exist.

In furtherment of this Idea, we will start with the idea of what you are not.  You are not Non-Existence.  Congradulations.  An epic achievement to behold.   Moving on.  Since you now realize that, once again, you have been chosen to exist, we will give additional understanding of this meaning, definition, if you will, of Existence.  To exist it to be, feel, love, heal, cry, hate, fear, envy, covet, suffer, question, receive, play, give, smile, laugh, hear, see,  touch, taste, smell, fashion, express.  You are Life.  You are alive. You Exist…

You are Now, and always,  living to express.  In expression you are only in receivership of that expression.  There is no not expressing, no not receiving.  Existence is that – Eternal Life.  The eternal gift of receivership is experience of All That Is.  Your choice of expression is perspective.  Perspective is Reality.  This choice is, always has been, always will be, free will.  Unlimited, untethered, unbridled, unconditioned, free will.  In your free will choice of any and all Now’s, you will only experience that of which you perceive as truth.  Your beliefs, definitions, your personality construct of your individuality you have built as an identification of self. In this incarnation,  All awareness is only filtered through your perceiving mind.  Once again, that of beliefs.

The purpose of this message, is that of a Hope of ours.  To have Humanity see the beauty of Existence in it’s simplest form, in it’s nature.  With this as a belief, existence,  now filtered through your truth, your trust, perhaps you, the reader, can let go of several of the perpetuating belief systems that have been the status quo for the current social conscious structure in place amongst the Human Collective.  With the practicum of this belief, soon to follow, will this existence become a Knowing.  In Knowing, is Wisdom, in Wisdom, no longer shall you need to focus upon this as a reminder of self.  Leaving you to focus freely into expansion of your self into the conscious whole that you are, God.










Gongalina from the Terrapian Civilization

Greetings to all Humanity.  I am known among you, the collective of Humanity. as Gongalina. I am a Collective Over soul from the Terrapian Civilization. We have been with Humanity for countless eons.  We have come to an interaction point of Now, to offer the collective of Humanity, a particular point of view, perspective, if you will.  There is, among the collective, several entities, that are playing a particular role on stage, to serve a purpose to offer  polarity, to comprehend by others, and choose, the outcome action available in one’s own individual Truth of this interaction.

The Vibration frequency that the Human collective is currently occupying, has allowed the furthering polarity to be introduced as a mass awareness to realize.  Understand this, Entities, as Humanity allows themselves to perceive more of the illusion, as unreal, the tools you have set into play become triggered at an increased state of rapidity.  The predominate tool, in play, is polarity. Rejoice in polarity, for it does offer your inherent right of free will choice to experience as a truth.

Through many of your channel’s, the message has been most clear.  Humanity is on a new time line of Great Healing.  As the polarity shows itself in great attention, the free will choice is coming crystal clear.  The light workers, way showers, awakeners from the illusion are most certainly equipped to give the atonement to those ready to receive this Healing.

Remember your own challenges with your own Awakening.  Cherish the remembrance of your own healing.  This healing is direct experience, equipping you to offer the needed healing of those seeking your company.  As your calender year ending draws nigh, the increase of the illusion will become daunting to many un – awakened.  Your planning, preparation, or expectation is not needed.  Realize the Time of Great Healing has already begun.  You need only continue with your natural state of Being, Unconditional Love.  All of your, to be experienced moments of healing interactions, have already been played out.  Know this and be your in your highest Love to yourself, and these moments will be perfect.

As your series of Now’s occur in harmony and healing, continue your expansion of falling in Love with yourself – God.  Filled with moments of revelation, leading only to internal revolution, is Now being perpetuated as a consistent experiential reality.  You have noticed Now, more than ever, that the moments of awe, revelation, remembrance, are truly in closer repetitive synchronicity.  Showing one’s progress in Ascension.  There is no altered ego in noticing your increase of internal vibration.  This is a self confidence builder to stand upon in unity with your brethren of awakened.  Continue with the sharing of self revelation  with your Collective Human selves.  For with your own collective trust to share your truth’s, through interaction,  channels, internet, blogs, and such means, has directly affected the time shift of Humanity’s Ascension, which many of you are aware of vibration truth of this occurrence.

The idea’s in which we, the Terrapian, would wish you to depart with this interaction is, one, that of Humanity’s progress, as Roxie loves to say, Most Epic. And two, realize in the destruction of the illusion,  it may seem most chaotic for a period of time. Beyond history’s  remembrance.  Rest easy, Masters, for destruction, births Creation.

From the Over soul Collective Gongalina and The Terrapian Civilization, Our Eternal Love and Gratitude for the acceptance of the hardest incarnation in all the Now’s – Humanity.  Taking the species, from complete dark to full illumination, with only your Love for each other.  We bid All a loving Now.  Adonai


From The Over Soul Collective Fire

The Over Soul Collective Fire

And greetings to all humanity this is the Over Soul Collective Fire.

Now I would like to impart upon you the idea which Philip, what you call Mollica, in his 3D sense, we all know him as, let’s see there’s one aspect of Seth in him, in a Higher Self on an off shoot, if you wanna call it that, it’s up to you, but the idea is in that Philip got his download, he followed his highest excitement, and he spoke those words which triggered what you would call Roxia in 3rd density idea mind.

Now remember, we are all giving you impartation to follow your highest excitement, and that’s exactly what this idea is about, how you become your highest excitement in the moment, over and over and over. Forget about time because now listen to the truth of the moment. When you have in truth in your moment and follow it and that truth is exciting, what you have a tendency to do, humanity, is take that truth and lock it in as truth of extension of time, so what you are actually doing is taking it through a series of moments covering up your next truth not allowing yourself to expand even more.

That’s why we want to emphasize, if you choose, to understand living in the moment is moment to moment, not several moments, several moments, maybe a day or two a week or two, or whatever you wanna call it, it is every moment showing you the miraculous, let’s say, truths that are all around you. All of your opportunities to find what ascension is. Your truth of ascension truly, no-one else’s truth. I’m sorry can you gauge your truth against another entity? Do you know the battle in their mind? Do you know where their beliefs came from? How do you know what mile they have walked? Have you walked in their shoes? Of course not. So don’t judge another with your own truth because their truth is never going to be yours because you’re an individual expression of truth. Remember that entities.

Now, let me give you this idea. When you listen to your Higher Self, and we will give you parallels with what you would call Roxanne once again. In that idea, let’s give you an idea of what she went through. She set up, let us say, an ascension idea of, let’s say, scaring the shit out of herself! Hmm do you like that term? I think you do, because it’s kinda funny in 3D when you hear an ET in 3D talking in those words of discontent, so to speak. Oh they’re curse words, are they? Are they not expressions of creativity? The ability of humanity? Dare you entities judge another for the absolute speaking of their truth in the moment? Judge anyone for any creative moment they are all a creativity, is expression in the now of eternal love, and if you judge that you are only judging yourself, keeping yourself confined in the limitations of humanity’s 3D limitations, but hear this, hear this entities, rejoice in that judgement for that is exposing, once again to you what you do not prefer in, what you would call your 3D perpetual 3D reality.

Do you really wanna live that over and over again? How many thousands of times do you wanna come back? Do you wanna keep coming back playing a new version of the old theme? And then you’re repeating exactly what you did last life time, and the time before, judging, separating, I’m this, he’s that, she’s that, we’re that, and then you stay in separation. We all are one. In separation the idea of individual expression, lock on to the individual expression of another in your universe. Think about that. They are creative love. You are creative love. Judge that creative love, judge yourself. Limit creativity, limit yourself.

I’m sorry, does anyone really think that God has a plan? God does not have a plan. He said ‘go’ because if there is a plan, plans have limits, they have endings, they have conclusions. We are forever. Every moment expanding every minute as best as you can according to your 3D logical ability of truth.

So, let’s get back to Roxia and her parallels, in the idea of scaring the shit out of herself. She walked out of her job with $483 in her bank account, paid her rent, paid her phone, started her, let’s say, business, in your aspects of Odyssey of Ascension counselling, having no clue where it as going, wasn’t even channeling, but trusted trusted trusted herself, took herself, locked in the idea – this is my universe and I shall be my own I AM in this universe for all to reflect upon their capabilities of seeing themselves in the mirror of reflection so they can ascend, so they can see what they love in themselves through that. So Roxie took on that role of being truth to herself, not fearing the consequences of any judgement.

And now, she was, let’s say, loving the judgement, because that judgement was giving the sounding board ability for others to bounce off her to see themselves. For she only saw everything as what it is, love. She had compassion, acceptance of all entities in her 3D reality, shared her vibrational state in that idea to reflect back to them so they can see in themselves, once again, what they are yearning to be. Much like what you call your Christ Conscience. Why do you think they crucified Christ? Because they couldn’t stand, in that fashion, what they saw in themselves that they yearned to be but had no guts, in other words they were big chicken shits, to become exactly what they saw in themselves, eternal love.

So Roxia went out and started speaking to whoever would listen to her, but she did not do it in the fashion of preaching, she would offer herself just by being, following her Higher Self. Now listen ascenders. She gets a Higher self idea, go to Starbucks, sit in this chair, and wait for the entity to show himself to you, and it did. She followed that. Only by, what you call, validating her Higher Self’s thoughts. Every thought that came into her she trusted. She went everywhere. We gave her some tests. Drive this way, drive that way, go up, go down, and then she goes there and there’s nothing happening, but she said ah this was a test. I am here because they want to see if I would follow my highest excitement, and now Roxia is I, expanding herself, and in that of itself she trusted. Built her podium once again, of I am. In other words she started tearing down the castles, that all of you have used a blueprint of all the others. How many blueprints right now are building your castle? Look at it. How many different ideas are you putting together in your own head on what should be instead of tearing down the castle down to the foundation of your love and building your own castle according to only your free will? What are you waiting on? Permission. From who? Them. Who are they? You in limitation. You’re here to ascend, to expand, to reflect with All That Is, Is of itself the true meaning, so be that, and we will love you eternally for your own love is eternal. Remember that entities.

And then Roxia, once again came upon challenge after challenge, getting down to no money, and absolutely zero food in her apartment, but she trusted, she screamed, she inepted the universe to no end, she angered, but she understood that anger was the limitation. The anger was, it’s not working out. The anger was the illusion that she was attaching to what should be, the illusion in and of itself what she was deeming as reality was the illusion of all of her feelings she was attaching to, relating to, that there was an actual tree there, that there was an actual house over her head, that she was actually eating food. Her brain was telling her that. Her sense were. But it is an illusion.

She starts opening up this idea, very little but expanding moment to moment to moment expanded, allowing more information for all of you, that’s why there is no truth in the next moment. The only truth is in the moment. Expand young ascenders. Expand on your truth moment to moment. Live where you are, when you are, and how you choose to be.

And then after that Roxia did another item. She lost ideas of possessions and then discovered that she had, what you would call a relationship of self sustaining image to certain items. IN other words those items defined her. They, lets say, limited her to an idea of what she was to the world. How false. She saw that, shedding the idea that everything on the outside isn’t really on the outside. Hmm.. To the idea of the illusion is the outside from the inside. So if I am the illusion, why cannot I create my own illusion? And that’s where she went. That’s the path she followed. Her path that the reality was an illusion, and she starts, let’s say, practising. Trying with her 3D logical mind to move things, to make things manifest, let’s say to de-emanate and re-enemate
in a different position in the room. That was frustration. She was angered about her abilities that she heard and she understood this, now listen to me entities, all of you, if it is in the 3D collective as a thought then it is.. listen now.. a reality to be experienced, if you choose. So if you have knowledge that Roxia did, have knowledge of what is called telepathy, that she locked into early, that was easy. All of you are more telepathic than you are allowing yourself to realise. But telekinesis is a different thing, teleportation, if it is in the collective, she thought it must be a reality. Why am I not vibrating? Then she discovered, in that fashion, she was actually trying.

What does that mean entities? Where are you trying from hmm? I think you’re trying from your logical mind of the past aren’t you? Yes. Hmm.. the past is, what you would call, dead. Stay in the past, live in the past, create a formulated future of the past, stay limited, and, once again, as Roxia loves to say, play the new version of the old theme. Hmm. How many times do you wanna do that entities?

Or.. let it go, and let the moment of magic unfold, and that is what Roxia did and her abilities started to increase. So think about that. The idea of, if you love something, and I’m gonna get a little 3D on ya.. hmm.. if you love something oh you must let it go.. Really? OK, and that gave the idea to the collective that you love something you let it go and it’s going to leave you.. Thanks for playing the game! Wrong! Next question Alex… The actual meaning behind that is when you let go of something you love you yearn to be, you let it flower. It never leaves your reality. It is expanding right in front of you because you are choosing it to be in your reality, but you’re clenching hands of logic on how it’s supposed to flower is the limiting idea that crushes the flower.

Hmm.. very good.. yes…there’s some expansion.. very good young Jedi’s.. hmm.. Now in the idea of Roxia has now had three downloads of impartation. She is following all of those synchronistically brought into her life. What is my role in the ascension? she wants to know. Hmm.. everyone wants to know that.. She will reveal that when she Roxia, he, ‘shim’ if you choose, she is one sex in your ??? she is both positive and negative, yin and yang, male and female, and now she realises, guess what entities? You can choose whatever you want to be in the moment. You wanna be male, female, up or down, left or right, it does not matter! Why? Why entities? Because it’s your own radio, it’s your own show, it’s your own 3D holodeck of illusion as you choose.

Believe, in that fashion, that you will receive judgement, then you are putting out the vibration of please judge me, shoot your arrows of disgrace into me, and shoot me lower and lower so my self worth comes up with its ugly head and goes ‘what are you doing trying to actually be something, you worthless piece of crap? Get back down here where you belong. That is the exposure of your own self that you will no longer choose. Why? Because the vibrational state you are now feeling of the truth is now undeniable.

There is only love, and you are only love in now, and you will now choose your reality as you choose your truth in the moment. Speak that, be that, live that, love that, for there is nothing else. There is no-one else except you, giving back to Creation in the moment of your expression. Our eternal love to you all.

Now Roxia will understand what she is, her soul purpose to the collective. She will announce in that idea, in her now, when she has fully locked it in, and received what you would call, gifts. Truly they’re just what she is, but the idea ‘gift’ is yummy to the 3D so we will give that term. All of you by the way.. hmm.. how many gifts do you have not opened? How many Christmases have you truly had Christmas gifts waiting to be opened and you have not opened them? Oh but that’s OK. Why? Because everything is now, so they are still here. Why? Because they’re now. Ta da! Hmm.. very good..

And that is all I’d like to impart at this moment. Right now we are off to an excellent start, if you choose to call it that. Call it anything other and you are judging yourself, which is really you believe your judging us.. Excellent work.. Judge please.. Please judge.. reveal the limitation of yourself in that moment. Expand off of that, and view us as a creative expression of the All, eternal love. We bid you a good morrow. We will see you in the next now.

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From the Collective to Humanity – The Time is Now

My dear brave young Masters of Limitation.  Please reflect upon yourselves as the Entity of Eternity.  Hearken to these words of Eternal Grace.  You are forever, there is truly no concern of  “time”, there is only” no time”.  When caught in the field of physiological time , in realm of the prison of time, you will remain.  Remember time was given for experience the of several Now’s of perceived life as a human incarnation.  This “time” gift was for the fluidity of “being in the Now, broken up, by your memory, for  experience. However, in limitation of forgetfulness, Time has become a focus of created realities.

Now, How does time create you realities?  Simply put, where your awareness is focused, Energy will follow.  The intention behind that focus, drives creation into reality, and that intention is your belief of what you are choosing to create.  Now, here is how “time” creates your Now’s of Reality.  Time only exists in the illusion of 3rd Density in two places, the future and the past.

First, we will discuss the future.  Every probable reality already exists in the Now.  So truly, if everything in exists in the  Now, the future is most certainly an illusion of the Now you are experiencing, however, a Now, as a thought, a dream, a fear,  to experience, is just from another perspective of the Now.

So, the question arises, where does the future illusion thoughts come from?  Most certainly, yourself, ALL of your selves, truly.  So, now, the further inquiry comes to play, if my higher self is giving me a thought of time illusion, then..why am I doing this to myself? Excellent question your Masters.  Fathom this idea, ALL of your thoughts are created in the Now as only an item to perceive, Unconditional Love.  Hold fast to this idea, Masters, hold fast.  Your conceiving mind, original unconditioned thought of Love, gives you this thought, your  receiving mind, your actual physical brain, gets this idea from the higher self, and then passes is off to the perceiving mind, your current belief systems.

So now the beliefs go to work and translate this thought into something of value or not.  Much like this message.  Now, lets equate this idea to the illusion of time.  While one is living in the outside of the Now, your caught in the field of experience of projected future’s, based on the Past.  When a new thought is given, the beliefs formulate this idea into a category of experience, the past.  If it a not equatable to an experience of reasonable tolerance of joy, it is quickly discounted and put in the recycle bin.  This is fear in its highest form.  Although it my not appear as fear, none the less, it is.  Remember, there are only two emotions that give birth to all other perceived emotions, Love and fear.  And fear is only experienced in forgetfulness. Now, your belief mind perceives a thought that looks equatable to the past as something remembered as joy, positive, acceptable.  However, only in the limitations of that past experience, and if it “looks” like, i.e. future, it will be positive, the perceiving mind begins to “think” of probable positive realities to experience.  Again the future of what it should be, hope to be, pray to be.  Thus, creating a probable future,based in time, the past.

The idea to now ponder, if you choose, is to see how your trusting the perceiving mind to create future realities, based on the past, leaving you caught in the field of time. The taught belief system of security of self preservation is what prevails the most as the filter of belief, your trusting as reality, perpetuating your reality, in repetition.  Fear, truly.  So, the resolve to eliminating the field of time is to live Now.  Difficult for most to perceive this idea of living Now, as a reality.  Why?  Your entire Human society, save a few tribes idea, is based on time.  Known History as validated through authority, to Millenniums, Eons, Ages,  Centuries, Decades, Years, Months, Weeks, Days, Hours, Minutes, Seconds.  You celebrate, birthdays, anniversaries, retirement as accomplishments.  You consider investment of time as value to your image of accomplishment. You set appointments, when they are already set, your just not trusting this yet.  You set goals of time, only limiting your perceived realities, to fit the outcome of a set goal. You set a time of when to stop doing something you don’t prefer or want to become something you do, but realize this, are you not in conflict between the Now, of starting your goal and it’s perceived end? Why live in conflict? Why discipline yourself in creativity? To become? To become an image to the world for acceptance? To fit in, to add another line to your resume of past experience? To bring that goal setting conflict of limitation into the Now for what “they” say you should do and/or be?  Ask yourself this, Who Are They?

Dear Masters, you are own roller coaster, you designed it, engineered it, built it, and Now your on it, Don’t look for the end, and don’t relive the last loop, look around, be NOW, and enjoy the Ride of your Life!

Out Eternal Love to you All, The Collective -Adonai


A Introduction from The Aquatican Civilization

Greetings Humanity,

My Name is Squedell. I am from the Aquatican Civilizations. There are several civilization under the name of Aquatican. There are two Over Souls, from our civilization, that are currently incarnating as human expressions as well as others expressions upon your earth. I am from the Centurion Over Soul, and the  Leviathan Over Soul is present as well.  You will know them as Dolphins, Whales, and Mernoids ( mermaids). There are a few other what you call species, but you get the idea.  I am being channeled through Roxie as I am one of her infinite higher selves. You may call me Patricia.  It seems more comfortable to the collective at this time.  Most of Humanity, at this time is unfamiliar with our race.  For there are not many of us here, in Human Expression.  However, many of us in observation.

Our solar system, for understanding, is many universes from you, in which you call distance.  7 Portals away, so to speak.  We live in what you call a Binary Solar System, however we have 3 stars, two primary and one companion.  Our entire system has 21 planets in orbits.  My system, within the system, orbits around the companion Star.  We have 3 planets in orbit around our companion Star.  All three are water worlds and all three are inhabited with my sub race named Sentian. Under the Aquatican Civilization.  Our two primary stars have a mix of land and water inhabitable planets, however only 8 of the 18 are inhabitable, in our 3D incarnations.

Our Civilization is Now, incarnated in several different Densities.  I, Patricia expression, am 3D. However, I have several Higher Selves at many different densities in our civilization as well as others, as well as my creative expressions of individuals, personality, in many levels as well.  Keep thinking infinite.  We, as a collective, are fascinated with Humanity. We have been existing in 3D for many a millennium compounded.  There was a time, in which you call time, when we thought our 3D was experienced fully to our collective needs, so to speak.  That is of course until Humanity came into existence.  For what Humanity deems as Limitation (forgetfulness of the Creators you all are) brought forth to the All, unparalleled, infinite expressions of the Unknown.  For your ideas, brought forth into reality by your will, your survival instinct,  are most exquisite.  It seems Humanity creates more options with more limitations, provided fear has been replaced by survival. Hmm.. Nonetheless,  Our Eternal gratitude for your contribution to the All.

Our introduction has come to and end at this time.  More messages to follow through Roxie and others. I would like to leave you with a thought to ponder.  It is an observation of many Civilizations in the collective.  We will revisit this question.  Did you ever notice that Humanity, you,  is at its best when reality is at its worst? The deepest compassion we see in Humanity, Just a thought to ponder…Eternal Love, Patricia


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A Message from Ocyphius

Greetings to all Humanity.  My name is Ocyphius.  I am one of the higher selves of the incarnation of Roxie.  I would like to give you an understanding of choice.  Choice is your free will.  No one can ever take this from you, ever.  In this, is there not a sense of freedom, a sense of individuality of the creator of all?  Not separation of the individual from the all, rather the freedom of your choice as the individual expression of the all.  We, as the Human collective, have forgotten the value of choice. Not only value, but power of the creator that you are, however, have forgotten.

So, in this now, I would like to share, perhaps remind you, the value of choice.   Now, from the observation of self, your thoughts and actions, are all choice.  Choice to change your mind, choice to turn left or right.  All the choices you give yourself in all moments are uncountable.  So, with this idea of endless choices, again, observe you thoughts.  See how many choices come to mind.  If you can count your choices and find an end to them, realize limitation has taken hold.  First question to ask yourself in observation is, where did these ideas of choice originate from?  Memory. Experience. Past.  If your choices are limited to a handful, the trust that is coming from memory, experience, past.

So, the question now arises, where are the other choices that seem to elude us?  I dare say they lie in the Now.  For truly in the Now, there is the unknown, new, yet to be realized.  Ponder on this for a time.  Is not every moment in your lives new, unknown?  If the thought comes to mind at this moment,  “No, there seems to be a lot of repetition in my life, a groove, rut if you will…”  Realize, through observation of self, you might me equating all of your new Now’s, experiences, from your memory, past, the yesterdays.  If you see that the logic mind, is equating all new’s to a similar previously experience, then is the mind not clouded by by experience, the past?  Shrouding other choices your higher self is presenting to you in that moment?  This is a collective observation given to Humanity as a perspective to observe, a choice. Those Now choice’s are new, other actions, other choices, to the Now, perhaps.  Entertain this idea, if you choose.  Our Eternal Gratitude, our Eternal Love for your acceptance of the hardest incarnation of all the Now’s. Humanity.  Adonai.  Ocyphius.